climate resilience
of critical assets

The ICARIA project will promote the use of a comprehensive asset-level modelling framework to achieve a better understanding of climate-related impacts produced by complex, compound and cascading disasters and the possible risk reduction provided by suitable, sustainable and cost-effective adaptation solutions.

Pioneering Asset-Level Modeling to Combat the Climate Crisis and Reduce Global Disaster Risk

According to the United Nations, climate-related disasters have surged in recent years, with over 7,000 incidents recorded in the past two decades. These events affected 4 billion people and caused nearly $3 trillion in economic losses.

The increase in damages is primarily due to extreme weather events like heat waves, droughts, and floods. If global temperature rise continues, these catastrophes will become more frequent.

ICARIA seeks to address this issue by promoting asset-level modeling frameworks, which help understand climate impacts and offer sustainable, cost-effective adaptation solutions to reduce risks.

ICARIA in figures


partners from 5 different European countries


case studies will test our solutions


regions will replicate our results


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million € of budget

ICARIA Toolkit



ICARIA Decision Support System (DSS)

Adaptation Measures Portfolio

Holistic Resilience Assessment Tools

Impact and Multi-risk Assessment

ICARIA, a shared challenge among:

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