February 12, 2024

Get to know ICARIA technology better: new scientific paper about HISDAC-ES (1900–2020)

In this “Data description” paper, we presented the creation and characteristics of Historical Settlement Data Compilation for Spain (HISDAC-ES), a set of geospatial raster and vector layers measuring the built environment in Spain from different perspectives, including physical, temporal, evolutionary, and functional aspects.

HISDAC-ES represents a rich source for quantitative, long-term analyses of the built environment and related processes over large spatial and temporal extents (1900-2020) and at fine resolutions. It aims to (a) facilitate the access to and use of information derived from cadastral building data by spatial, temporal, and semantic aggregation; (b) provide empirically measured, historical geospatial data, enabling contemporary but also long-term, historical analyses of urban growth, sprawl, and change; and (c) demonstrate the usefulness of cadastral data for geographic applications in general and domains of social and environmental sciences, more specifically. 

HISDAC-ES settlement age surfaces for 30 cities in Spain: minimum construction year (MINCOY) shown for a selection of 30 cities, arranged in an approximate, quasi-geographic space (upper right shows the northeast; lower left shows the southwest).

HISDAC-ES provides a valuable data source for urban analysts, regional planners, and policy makers, enabling or upscaling the quantitative measurement and interpretation of long-term urbanization and land development processes.  Together with the sister product HISDAC-US, it will enable the comparative study of urban size, shape, and morphology over long time periods, across different continents, and across historical as well as cultural settings.

Authors: Johannes H. Uhl, Dominic Royé, Keith Burghardt, José A. Aldrey Vázquez, Manuel Borobio Sanchiz and Stefan Leyk.

Read the scientific paper here


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