June 28, 2023

Successful Kick-off Meeting Marks the Start of ICARIA Project’s Community of Practice in Barcelona Case Study

Last Monday, June 26th, the inaugural Community of Practice (CoP) meeting of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area case study was held in the framework of the ICARIA project. This encounter marked the commencement of a collaborative endeavor aimed at building a more resilient future.

ICARIA’s primary objective is to enhance the comprehension of climate-related impacts on critical assets by utilizing asset-level modeling techniques. It acknowledges the intricate and interconnected nature of disasters, striving to uncover the cascading and compound effects that occur. Furthermore, the project seeks to identify appropriate, sustainable, and cost-effective adaptation solutions that can contribute to risk reduction.

The event brought together key stakeholders who were invited to participate in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area Case Study CoP, enabling them to play an active role in the local implementation of ICARIA. AQUATEC and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) coordinate this CoP, with the collaboration of Aigües de Barcelona, the Foundation for Climate Research (FIC), the Catalonia Energy Research Institute (IREC), Cetaqua, Water Technology Centre, project partners. The Catalonia Meteorological Service, the Catalan Office for Climate Change, the Consortium of Insurance Compensation, TERSA, Endesa and EcoParc 1 were the external entities that also participate in the CoP.

As part of the activities, participants delved into discussions regarding the main risks and potentially affected infrastructures. The focus was on enhancing knowledge about critical infrastructures and their potential impacts. These discussions were conducted across different sectors, including water management, electricity, waste management, and more. Through these sector-specific conversations, participants gained valuable insights into the vulnerabilities and interdependencies of critical assets within each sector. Through a series of workshops, the CoP will foster a participatory co-creation process, employing various engagement tools and exercises to address gaps, identify needs, and enhance risk perception and awareness. These workshops will ensure that the project’s outcomes align with local priorities, needs, and expectations.

ICARIA Barcelona CoP discussion
Kick-off Meeting of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area’s Community of Practice (CoP)

The CoP’s specific objectives are as follows:

  • Engaging Relevant Stakeholders: ICARIA aims to involve stakeholders from diverse disciplines, including policymakers involved in adaptation measures, critical infrastructure operators, problem owners, local authorities, and representatives from the third sector. Their active participation will guarantee that ICARIA’s tools and methods cater to their specific needs and expectations.
  • Integrating End-User Perspectives: The CoPs will play a crucial role in incorporating the viewpoints of potential end-users into the design process of ICARIA’s tools and methods, including the Decision Support System (DSS). This collaborative effort seeks to enhance usability and customize the solutions according to the requirements of those who will directly benefit from them.
  • Promoting Participatory Processes: The CoP workshops provide a platform for a comprehensive understanding of risk perception and awareness. By identifying gaps and needs, stakeholders are able to co-create resilient adaptation solutions, fostering a collective and inclusive approach to climate resilience.
  • Facilitating Outreach and Dissemination: The Community of Practice will serve as an effective conduit for outreach and dissemination of the ICARIA project. Through active stakeholder engagement and collaboration, the CoP aims to amplify the project’s impact, raising awareness and promoting its benefits within the wider community.

The kick-off meeting of the ICARIA project’s Community of Practice in the Barcelona Case Study represents a significant milestone in the journey towards climate resilience. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and embracing a participatory approach, ICARIA aims to develop practical and effective solutions that will safeguard critical assets in the face of climate challenges. Together, we can shape a more resilient future for Barcelona and beyond.


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