January 23, 2024

Two days talking about climate resilience of critical infrastructure with the ICARIA project partners

The European ICARIA project, focused on strengthening the climate resilience of critical infrastructures, has reached a new milestone with the celebration of its Plenary Meeting at the facilities of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), in Vienna, on 17 and 18 January.

This event brought together its consortium, made up of 15 entities from different parts of Europe, consolidating an ideal space for collaboration and scientific progress. 

During two intensive days of work, ICARIA partners were able to present and discuss the progress achieved in each of the work packages, reflecting the common commitment to develop a modelling framework for strategic infrastructures to increase their resilience to extreme weather events.

The first day was marked by detailed presentations of each work package, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress and challenges of the project. These allowed participants to delve into the complexities of each area of work, from climate modelling to assessing the resilience of critical infrastructure.

On the second day, in addition to completing the presentations of each work package, dynamic parallel sessions were held, which encouraged the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. These sessions allowed for a deeper and more specific dialogue on the three case studies: the Barcelona Metropolitan Area in Spain, the South Aegean Archipelago in Greece, and the Salzburg Region in Austria. All of these areas are characterised by their affectation in the face of the climate crisis.

This Plenary Meeting not only demonstrates the significant progress made to date, but also marks the step from conceptualisation to implementation. A crucial moment to ensure the success of the project, culminating in the evaluation of the replicability of the proposed solutions.


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